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// PSA: I'm looking for a new organization to volunteer for in 2020. The goal would be some interesting GIS work related to marine mammals, including field work, but I can be tempted with other subjects as well! :) Plus point if in the Pacific Northwest! Please reach out at grasshoppergeography@gmail.com. //

// PSA.2: I'm also looking for new representation and a licensing agent. Do reach out! //

Welcome to my little mappy corner of the internet!

I'm Robert, a GIS Analyst / Digital Cartographer from Hungary. After a couple of uninspiring jobs in cubicles around England, I've decided that my time could be better spent than generating even more profit for multinationals and people seven steps up the ladder, whom I never even met. I took a deep breath, and decided to spend my time and money volunteering my mapmaking skills for NGOs instead, and started alternating money saving stints in England with 2-6 months volunteer positions around the world. I've worked for archaeologists on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Eustatius, with marine biologists in Alaska, and in an orangutan conservation program in Indonesian Borneo, amongst others. These trips made me grow both personally and professionally, while helping with causes that matter.

My next great adventure was starting Grasshopper Geography, which actually grew from some hobby projects and maps I shared online. After the good people of the internet instantly started asking where could they buy my work, and seemed to genuinely like them, I wasn't just surprised and overwhelmed, I also knew this could be it. The chance to make a living from my passion. Making artistic maps for all to enjoy. So here we are. I'm working really hard to bring you fresh, colourful, eye opening and scientifically accurate maps, in the highest quality possible. For this to happen I left my office jobs behind and now focusing full time on Grasshopper Geography, but haven't given up hope of some time down the line being able to go and volunteer again for some new NGOs around the world. Again, welcome to my little mappy corner of the internet, I'd love to hear what you think, and thank you so much if you decide to support me by buying my maps, or sharing my site on social media.

Whale research in Alaska, 2015.

Whale research in Alaska, 2015.

And I dare call this "work".

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