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Some previews:

  • CNN

    Digital river maps transform waterways into colorful art

  • Die Welt

    So haben Sie die Welt der Flüsse noch sie gesehen

  • Science et Vie

    Diaporama: les fleuves, veines de la Terre

  • ArchDaily China


Not long after my river maps were first discovered by the good people of the internet, journalists started to flood in as well. There was no stopping them :) Here you can find some of the articles I am proud of.

One of the first articles was published by the Mail Online, featuring only the river map of the contiguous USA, still referring to me by my Imgur username. A few months later they asked me for an interview which resulted in a longer and a more thorough article.

IFLScience has also found me more than once, two years apart. Being a geography nerd myself, it was never a surprise that geeky science blogs and papers started to write about my maps. Amongst others they appeared on the pages of Gizmodo, twice on GearJunkie and even on BigThink. Digg, Yahoo and BoingBoing also liked my work.

It is a really good feeling being recognized by the art you make. Reading about my own work on the pages of The Washington Post, CNN or the Atlas Obscura is something that I have never dreamed of. Not long ago I was even interviewed by The Smithsonian!

In 2019 BBC Sounds recorded an interview where I talk about map making and the story of Grasshopper Geography. Listen from 36:30.

Below you can find an updated list on most articles I have gathered throughout the years.

Articles in English:

Atlas Obscura - river and forest cover maps

AWOL - population density maps

BigThink - river basin maps

BoingBoing - river basin maps

Cascadia Department of Bioregion - Cascadia river basin maps

CNN - river basin maps

Digg - USA river basin map

GearJunkie - river basin maps

GearJunkie - forest cover maps

Gizmodo - river basin maps

GeoAwesomeness - population density maps

GeoAwesomeness - river basin maps

IFLScience - river basin maps

IFLScience - river basin maps interview

Mail Online - river basin maps

Mail Online - river basin maps

Mail Online - USA forest cover map

Mail Online - Australia forest cover map

Popular Science - river basin maps

OpenCulture - USA river basin map

Sarasota Magazine - interview

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - river basin maps

Smithsonian Magazine - river basin maps

The Inertia - forest cover maps

The Washington Post - USA river basin map

The Weather Channel - USA river basin map

Treehugger - river basin maps

Visualising Geomorphology - river basin maps

World Economic Forum - river basin maps

Yahoo - USA river basin map

ZME Science - river and forest cover maps

Articles in Spanish:

Alianza Nacional Ríos y Cuencas de Costa Rica - river basin maps

Condé Nast Traveler España - forest cover maps

Condé Nast Traveler España - river basin maps

Platforma Arquitectura - river basin maps

Platforma Arquitectura - population density maps

Articles in French:

Planet Terre Inconnue - river basin maps

POSITIVR - river basin maps

Science et Vie - river basin maps

SciencePost - river basin maps

Sciences et Avenir - forest cover and river basin maps

Articles in German:

Die Welt - river basin maps

Hamburger Morgenpost - river basin maps

Süddeutsche Zeitung - interview, all map styles

Watson - river basin maps

Articles in Chinese:

ArchDaily China - river basin maps

Pianshen - river basin maps

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