Big changes in our lives

If anyone had asked about our location in the last couple of years, we always answered the same: "currently we live in Hungary". It was the right answer, as both of us have lived and worked abroad before and have always planned to do so again. After spending the last few years in our home country, moving again to a different part of the world started to feel more reasonable than ever. Everyday life in Hungary clearly had a negative effect on our mental health, and that definitely had a mark on our work performance as well. (Just try and compare the newsletters of 2021 and 2022, I'm sure you'll see the difference...)

Grasshopper Geography is our only source of income and thanks to the automated solutions we can take it wherever we go. This was convenient when we decided to jump in a lifeboat and escape to a (hopefully) quieter, more relaxed life. However, we knew that lacking the finances our only option was volunteering. We started to look for a place in late October without any specific countries in mind. After a few weeks of searching and applying we found a lovely coastal village above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway. Here lives a marine biologist who is happy to have Robert's help in his work (tagging whales and studying their behaviour) and Eszter is welcome to help out in his local business.

The first three weeks of January was all about packing and moving and leaving the apartment that we lived in. We packed all the things we need in two bags, and left our home on the 25th. Now we have arrived in our small village, and it is everything we hoped for: peaceful, isolated, beautiful. Our host is a lovely man, it will be great to work with him.

We are sure this change will help us be better at what we do and will let us focus on our beloved maps more. As we always tell you: we have plenty of ideas; now we finally will have the capacity to realize them.


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