Custom work

Have you got a map in mind you couldn't find in the Map Shop? No problem, Robert can make it for you.

How does this work?

You send us an email, explaining your idea. We get back to you with an answer as soon as we can. If your map is doable (we have the means and there is sufficient data available), you can expect to have your first draft in a few days/weeks, depending on the complexity of your order and Robert's workload at the time.

As we always work together with our customers and never finalise custom maps without their approval, we can guarantee you will love your Grasshopper Geography map.

See some examples

Cascadia Bioregion

Colourful river basin map made for the Cascadian Department of Bioregion. The map is sold through their website. 10% of all earnings go to support the Alaska Whale Foundation.

Adirondack mountains

Map of the rivers in the Adirondack Mountains for Noel and his family. It now hangs in their log cabin on Twitchell lake, Big Moose, NY.

Eurasia map for documentary

A map of Eurasia made to use in the documentary Equus: Story of the horse

North American rivers

Confluence: The history of North American Rivers is an exciting project by Scot McFarlane, River Historian at Columbia University's Department of History. Robert made river basin maps of the individual rivers, showing the tributaries in different colour.