Our past collaborations

NGO Collaborations

We'd like to say a huge thanks to all non-governmental organizations for reaching out, asking about the use of our work. The fact that they find our maps fitting to illustrate the important issues they fight for really means a lot to us.

These non-profit organizations are usually doing their work on a limited (or sometimes non-existent) budget, so we are more than happy to let go of the licensing fee to help their cause. We really hope our work can help raise awareness and deliver their messages all around the world. If you are working on a similar project or would like to use our maps for educational purposes, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the details.

Heal the bay

Heal the Bay is a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that not only organizes regular beach and neighbourhood cleanups, they also work to mobilize LA’s diverse communities to protect their coastline, restore waterways, and speak out for clean water policy across Californian watersheds. They used our California river basin map in their educational presentations and many times shared it on their social media channels.

Tahoe science center

The UC Davis Tahoe Science Center's interactive exhibits let you learn about the lake ecosystem, why it's changing, and help find out how to keep Tahoe blue. Our river basin map of the contiguous United States hangs next to their augmented reality sandbox.

Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee

The Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee promotes preservation and wise utilization of natural and recreational resources of the Upper Mississippi River. A custom map of Illinois was donated to a raffle at their annual meeting in 2019. The money raised was used to help support research and other conservation projects in the watershed.

Puzzelize / Hennops Revival

Linda Liebenberg's puzzles are not only colourful and unique, but they are always designed and sold for a great cause. Her Riverlution puzzle depicts our river basin map of Africa and all of its proceeds will go to Hennops Revival, a nonprofit company with the focus on restoring and healing the Hennops river in collaboration with the South African government and other NGOs.

Time for geography

Time for Geography is an award-winning educational site that makes inspiring, open-access geography and geoscience videos for everyone to enjoy. They used our river basin map of the world for their knowledge-booster video on watersheds: Anatomy of a drainage basin

Watershed Watch Salmon Society

Watershed Watch Salmon Society works to defend and rebuild British Columbia's wild salmon and their habitats. They used our British Columbia river basin map in their short video on how climate change affects wild salmon in the area: Can salmon adapt to a changing climate?

Trout Unlimited

Trout Unlimited is a non-profit organization with 300,000 members and supporters dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. A custom map of the Great Lakes watershed was created for their Great Lakes Worksgroup to use in their whitepaper called A Case for the Great Lakes, promoting the environmental issues affecting the region.

Center for Biological Diversity

The Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law and creative media to secure a future for wildlife and wild places. They used our North America river basin map for a beautiful infographic in their newsletter.


CalMatters is a nonprofit newsroom committed to explaining California policy and politics. They used our river basin map of California in their thorough article California’s worsening wildfires, explained written by Julie Cart and Judy Lin.

Cascadia Department of Bioregion

Cascadia Department of Bioregion works for an independent and regenerative Cascadian bioregion as part of an interconnected world of bioregional movements. Our custom-made Cascadia bioregion watershed map can be purchased through their website.


Streamscapes are experts on aquatic and biodiversity education. They used our river basin map of Ireland for the cover of Éire: Tír na naibhnahneacha! / Ireland: Land of Rivers!, an introductory booklet for 6-12 year olds.

Tchendukua-Ici et Ailleurs

Tchendukua-Ici et Ailleurs is a French NGO that works with indigenous people of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia to help them recover their ancestral lands and regenerate biodiversity. They chose to use our European watersheds map and a custom map of the Rhone for their presentations.

Biosphere Foundation

The Biosphere Foundation used our Bali river map in schools of North West Bali as part of their Waste Management program.

Potsdam Institue for Climate Impact Research

The Potsdam Institue for Climate Impact Research used our river basin map of South America as illustration in their article on ISIpedia: River flood modelling written by Jan Volkholz.

Agua Clara

Agua Clara used our Mexico river basin map in environmental education workshops in schools.

Centro Tejo

Our river basin map of the Iberian Peninsula is displayed in the Tagus Center in central Lisbon, Portugal.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service used our Tasmania river basin map for their State of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area report.

Joyce Foundation

The Joyce Foundation invests in public policies and strategies to advance racial equity and economic mobility for the next generation in the Great Lakes region. They used our custom-made St. Lawrence basin map for an internal presentation.

Ohio Ocean Foundation

The Ohio Ocean Foundation's mission is to raise awareness about the connection between Ohio and global ocean health. They have our US river map displayed on their page about their mission.

Coalition for Networked Information

The Coalition for Networked Information displayed our maps in their annual program plan and meeting schedule covers.

Balneology Association of North America

The Balneology Association of North America used our river basin map of the contiguous US in their presentation for a hot springs conference, where they promoted watershed regions as a way to discuss hot spring sites within the US.

Educators and personal projects

Our maps in classrooms, online educational materials and works of amazing enthusiasts sharing their passion with the world.

Classroom use

Our maps helping Year 5 students understand river basins in a Bangkok school back in 2019.

"Passion projects"

When these four-graders in Japan learned about the environment, they used Grasshopper Geography maps whenever they could - all thanks to their maplover teacher. Robert's volunteering trips and him being a GIS analyst seemed like a perfect subject to inspire conversation about interests too, so they asked for an interview.

Listen to the interview questions here and Robert's answers here.

Confluence: The history of North American Rivers

Confluence: The history of North American Rivers is an exciting project by Scot McFarlane, River Historian at Columbia University's Department of History. Our river basin maps of the individual rivers are helping to illustrate his interactive map.

Independent filmmakers and content creators

Crowd-funded or small budget documentaries that feature our maps, as well as notable educational videos from professionals. Thank you all for following through your vision and for the hard work you put into these media.


"The world's first live documentary, RIVERCIDE set out to discover who is polluting Britain's rivers and why nobody is stopping them. Presented by journalist George Monbiot, directed by The Age of Stupid’s Franny Armstrong and with live performances by Benjamin Zephaniah and Charlotte Church, RIVERCIDE is both gutsy investigative journalism and ground-breaking filmmaking."

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La Sangre de Bolivia

La Sangre de Bolivia is a documentary by Julia Blagny, that focuses on the importance of freshwater in Bolivia. She hopes her work "can open the eyes of young bolivians but also of the world, as this water problem is universal".

Available in Spanish with English and French subtitles.

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How (and why) to FIND YOUR WATERSHED

Andrew Millison is a permaculture instructor and practitioner, and teaches at the Horticulture Department of Oregon State University. On his YouTube channel he covers important topics that help us work with nature to create a sustainable lifestyle. His video on watersheds is a must-watch for everyone who finds our maps interesting.

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