Hydrate the Earth

The book of Ananda Fitzsimmons, featuring our river basin map of North America, is a very interesting read on a highly important topic: how regenerative agriculture can help mitigate the deadly effects of climate change.
"As human activities have spread, taking up more of the earth’s surface, we have unintentionally disrupted the water cycle with consequences on our planet’s ecosystem. We can reverse this, particularly through regenerative agriculture. There is a lot of talk about the role of carbon in climate change, but the importance of water is less well known. Intervention at the level of the water cycle could be the fastest way to have an impact and ensure our food security on the planet."
Hydrate the Earth : The forgotten role of water in the climate crisis
Photo showing Ananda Fitzsimmons' book, Hydrate the Earth on top of a table.
Ananda is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Regeneration Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes soil regeneration in Canada. She already used our map for her article "Earth my body, water my blood: Accounting for nature", a little shorter but not a bit less interesting read than her book.
Hydrate the Earth is available in English and in French. You can buy it here or at the publisher's, Éditions La Butineuse.

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