RiverRun Festival in Washington, DC

The RiverRun Festival in Washington, DC was organized by The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The festival celebrated rivers and their cultural role between World Water Day (22 March) and Earth Day (22 April) with exhibitions, talks, music, film, dance, and more. Our 10ft x 18ft (3m x 5.5m) world map was displayed in the River Pavilion between 4 and 16 April. It's more or less the same size as the map we currently have in Lyon - so we were very excited about the whole project!
Scott from the Kennedy Center contacted us in February and after finding a technical solution that worked best for their printing partner and us as well, the map was printed and hung up at the River Pavilion. It's always a shame when we cannot visit our exhibited maps but Scott was kind enough to send us a few pictures and a video about the display as soon as it found its place.
A picture of Grasshopper Geography's river basin map of the world hung from the ceiling in a spacious room.
Robert was also featured in their online brochure and the festival's website of course.
RiverRun Festival's online prochure opened at page 32, showing a summary of Grasshopper Geography's work
Watch a video of the festival below, spot our map at 01:14 and 01:31.

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