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Based on 106 reviews
Cool print

Very happy with it, the material of the print is fancier than typical poster paper so it actually got damaged a bit as I had to roll it up and out a couple times and put in the tube. But it looks fine overall and is currently on my wall looking fantastic and I enjoy looking at it

Great work!

Robert proactively worked on the idea I had and was available to work with me on different versions until we got to a final version I was very happy with.
Thank You!

Great Maps

Wonderfully detailed and beautiful maps. My only regret is that there is no digital version and the large maps are too big for my scanner.

You guys are great

Thanks for working with us to create the map we finally wanted.

Inspiring maps

These masterfully crafted maps are truly inspiring, they remind us about water as a living blood of the Earth and laugh at the artificially imposed political boundaries

Nice river map

I enjoy looking at this and am ordering another for a relative.

Don Replies to Robert

The print is fantastic, it exceeded my expectations in every way. Congratulations to all of you for such a great achievement.
Keep the great work

Unique product

I am very pleased with the fine art print of North America's river systems, with the magnetic hanger. I was impressed by the great variety of choices offered. Well done.


The quality, feel and durability of this print was an added surprise. It’s a joy to look at. Thank you!

Awesome River Basin Map!!!

I framed this map for my husband, who is a civil engineer for Christmas. He hung it in his office at work and absolutely loves it!! Robert at Grasshopper Geography is an amazing artist!!!

Mottakere av julegavene ble veldig fornøyd! Og vi har fått vårt bilde opp på veggen. Og er veldig firnøyd med det. Så tusen takk! 🤗 vh Sidsel

Unique map

Arrived well packaged and exactly what i expected. Very happy with the quality and a nice gift i think.

River Water map

Great map, fast service

Love the Montana drainage map

I love the Grasshopper river map for Montana with the vibrant colors for differing River basins as well as seeing a sink that I was not aware of before. It looks striking in my office.

So beautiful

The data in this map is intricate. Fine lines and good color reveal the fractal nature of drainages, help locate each watershed. So great. Thanks for the work!

suggestion for improvement

I had the fine art print framed.
It looks very nice.
The framing was done with gloves on so as not to damage the fragile black layer. The practitioner suggests to you to apply some form of coating anyway, because the paint is so fragile.
I too had some (final) fingerprints from the first moment when unpacking the package.
I hope you can find a solution without impacting the strong color contrast.

I wish I’d bought a bigger one-5 stars to biggest one!

The content is so good, detail is so good; I can look at this image for hours. But, even at 20x20 it’s too small to see a lot of the details. If you’re thinking of getting this, get the largest one you can.

Great Comeback

Grasshopper followed up my last review with a refund and a discount on the map I wanted. Thank you!

Custom request

Grasshopper helped me realising that dream i had in my head for years, to see the shape of the world surface without water

It's a beauty!

I really like the map I received. It's exactly what I expected from the pic on the website. My map of Texas with the river systems well delineated and color-based elevation changes from coast inland is not only pleasing from a geography nerd perspective but is very fetching to look at as an art piece. Beautifully done.

Beautiful Map!

I bought this for my son’s office, it is really beautiful and gets a lot of rave reviews from his clients and co-workers!


I’m a geography teacher and adding this print to my class display about rivers has captured the attention and imagination of my students. It sparks lots of questions and it looks fantastic!

Tiny map with huge pixels.

Thought I was getting a wall map, instead it’s like bookmark size and very blurry. Asked to send it back but was told an emphatic no. Not impressed.

We are sorry to hear you somehow ordered the wrong size. We have the size chart included in the product description, but now we've decided to upload it among the product images as well, so it's more visible. Hope this will help avoid these mistakes in the future. As for returns: as you can find in our return policy, we do not accept returns but we are happy to replace a faulty print for no extra fee. I've just sent you an email about this, I hope the offer you find there will be satisfactory.

Ink needs improvement!!

Hello. I bought the River basin map, rainbow colours on black - Fine Art Print. It was a very good map but the black colour when I tried to frame it discoloured right away in my hands. As a result I have the map hung on my office without a frame and unfortunately there are many discoloured spots in the black backround. The ink fades away with a single touch! After this I won from you last year another map, rainbow colours on dark backround again and I ordered in glow paper but it is so shiny that the colours are blending each other and you need to have strong spotlight towards the map to understand what it depicts. So, your idea is very good but you definetely must work your inks and your paper - I am dissapoinited with the mat as well as the gloss print.

Thank you for your feedback on the fine art prints. We are aware that they need to be handled carefully, this is why we decided to include them in a white frame (a so-called handling space). We know it can still be tricky to frame them yourself, and we are planning to write a detailed handling guide to avoid these issues in the future. We put a lot of effort and time to choose the right paper for our maps and we still think that the matte prints suit them best, as it allows the colours to pop against the deep black. You chose the glossy print based on the photos we had sent you before we packed and shipped your free print. I am sorry to hear you find it too glossy. However, we are very disappointed to see your feedback only now, and not in the emails we exchanged after you'd received your prints where you indicated that you were very happy with them.

Best present for family members who love the outdoors

We gave a framed river basin map to each of two family members who spend a lot of time rafting rivers—they love them! These maps are now my favorite gifts.