Environmental protection with the help of street art pt. 1.

Urban metamorphosis: a highly successful project by a Hungarian NGO

There is a group of nature-loving enthusiasts in Szeged (Hungary), the Mondolo Association, that decided to do more for the environment than organizing hikes and occasional garbage-picking events. Among other great projects, they started one called Urban Metamorphosis, that combines street art with direct action to raise awareness about different issues in our surrounding natural world. 

A collage of Mondolo's four projects from 2021.
In collaboration with the local district heating company, Mondolo uses heating plants around town as central locations for these important projects. These industrial buildings are the perfect choice, not only because their gray walls work great as canvas, but the company’s ideology fits well with environmental protection. They are currently developing the second largest geothermal residential district heating system in Europe. With the help of thermal water, the amount of gas and carbon dioxide used for district heating will be halved, providing a sustainable and green solution for the city.

The beautiful murals successfully bring globally important issues closer to people. Easily understandable informative signs and QR codes help to spread knowledge among young and old. If a solution can be reached through local action, they present it to the people, bringing easy to follow examples.

We are absolutely in love with these amazing environmental street art projects, so we decided to show you all of them in the upcoming blog posts. Hopefully you’ll be as fascinated by them as we are.

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