Environmental protection with the help of street art pt. 3.

Urban metamorphosis: a highly successful project by a Hungarian NGO

Outdoor cinemas will never go out of fashion, right? The Mondolo Association, a Hungarian NGO, was pretty sure their second mural in the Urban Metamorphosis series will be a great hit: the biggest television in the country.
In the summer of 2020, when the pandemic gave way to outdoor activities, a giant, old TV provided fun for the people of Szeged. Painted on one of the local heating plants, it "broadcasted" movies for seven weeks in a row.
Photo showing an industrial building painted as a giant TV with a white screen that can function as a screen for outdoor cinema.
Bringing people together is a very important step, if your goal is to raise awareness about a global issue. When the summer was over and it had no use anymore, Mondolo decided to "throw away" the TV set - by repainting it. Now it just sits around on the field, as well as thousands of various household appliances that indifferent people illegally dispose of every year.
After the mural reached its final form, Mondolo organized a litter picking event in town, filling more than twenty large garbage bags in two hours. Moreover, as we have seen with their first project, there are informative signs on-site that help us understand the importance of proper waste-management and recycling. With QR codes leading to easy to follow manuals, everyone can learn something new about the waste they produce.
Closeup of a mural: a frog sitting on a soda can that is lying in the grass, in front of an old TV.
Unfortunately, the TV cannot be turned on anymore. Even though the organizers were extra respectful towards the people living in the area when showing the movies, they are no longer welcome. Luckily the locals chose the greatest way possible to protest: to make it impossible to see the movies they planted trees on the field in front of the old television :)

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