Environmental protection with the help of street art pt. 4.

Urban metamorphosis: a highly successful project by a Hungarian NGO

Hedgehogs are one of the most popular wild animals out there, and they're not only the children's favourite. They are supercute and supercool at the same time with their shiny black eyes and their protective armour. Everyone's happy to spot them wandering around in summer evenings, and as they love feeding on small pests of the garden, even farmers and gardeners have reasons to welcome them.
Until late autumn, hedgehogs lead quite a happy life in urban areas. However, as nights get chilly, they need to find a spot to spend the winter in hibernation - and with nicely maintained gardens and spotless lawns, this task is getting harder and harder every year.⠀
The third piece in Mondolo's Urban Metamorphosis project is all about hedgehogs: the mural depicts a male northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus), called Bazsi, who is currently looking for a place to build his nest. The signs tell us that the animals would be most happy with leaf piles and other stacked green waste as hiding places, but nooks and crannies of a barn or a tool shed could also do.
Photo showing a mural on an industrial building in an urban area, depicting a hedgehog covered in colourful lautumn leaves.
Surely, the best way to help them is to leave our piles of leaves undisturbed for the winter. If we can't do that, a tiny hedgehog house placed in the corner of our garden can attract these small animals quite the same. This is exactly what Mondolo did with the help of a local primary school: they made several wooden hedgehog homes and distributed them among kindergartens in town. All information and the manual on the DIY houses are available via QR codes, as usual. Hopefully a lot of people will find the idea of a very own hedgehog friend cute enough to try and make a home for them in their gardens.

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