Our story – Grasshopper Geography as a family business

Let me give you a summary on the changes that led up to this moment: you being able to read about us, as partners. In life and in business, so to say.
You might be familiar with Robert's story already and how Grasshopper Geography came to be. (If not, you can read it here.) This is more like a sequel to all that, starting April 2020, when I happened to live and volunteer/work in Norway.
Our 2020 was no less chaotic than anyone’s, that is for sure. While living in two different countries and being separated not only by distance but duties and life in general, we decided to end walking separate paths. It wasn’t an easy decision and as time passed, with border restrictions and Covid-19 around, it got even harder. Though it had took us months, we worked it out in the end and I had managed to fly back to Hungary literally the last moment before the borders closed again in September. We live together since then, happier than ever. Love is - truly and undeniably - in the air.
We worked together before on smaller projects with success, so me helping with Grasshopper Geography was kind of self-evident. It meant it was finally time to get started on those things that were impossible for Robert to manage alone: social media content and marketing in the first place, followed by smaller bits and pieces. It’s really reassuring to know that with my help there is more time for actual map making and different collabs, as well as for bigger projects that require more hands or heads.
Being a librarian by profession, I was already familiar with most of the things I contribute to this business. Even though I worked in a different environment, writing newsletters, website-building, using art software, customer support, content creation and managing social media were not new to me. Still I am constantly learning and we always find something we can work on together – and that makes this whole experience even better :)

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