Seven years of colourful maps

In October 2016 Robert uploaded some of the maps he made in his free time to reddit and Imgur. The people seemed to like them, no one had ever seen rivers illustrated in such an eye-catching and informative way before. In a few days' time the colourful river basin maps went viral. (The original post went up to 90 000 views in a few days' time with many reposts boasting with similar numbers on Imgur alone.) By popular demand, he had to open his first webshop the following week.

Now we are here, seven years later, with many amazing achievements behind us: exhibitions, talks, dozens of collaborations with international organizations, hundreds of articles written about Robert's unique map styles, more than ten thousand maps sold (wall art, as well as digital files). But most importantly, our maps have helped millions of people to understand the importance of freshwater, of how we are all connected by these river systems.

We are forever grateful to everyone who followed us on this journey, to those who bought our maps or regularly share our posts on social media. But we equally appreciate those silent supporters who once talked about us to one of their colleagues, bought us a coffee last year, liked our posts only once, or have read only one blog post on this site ever. All of these lovely people, all of you, you are the reason we can still do what we love. And we really hope we can be here with you for at least another seven years.

Thank you for being awesome and for supporting us. Let's make the world a little bit better with colourful maps!

A screenshot of the Reddit post Robert first made of the river basin map of the contiguous US.

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