Humpback whales bubblenet feeding V - Greeting Card

Humpback whales bubblenet feeding V - Greeting Card
Humpback whales bubblenet feeding V - Greeting Card
Humpback whales bubblenet feeding V - Greeting Card

Humpback whales bubblenet feeding V - Greeting Card

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In this photo: Cooperative bubblenet feeding of humpback whales is one of the most fascinating behaviours in the animal kingdom, requiring an extraordinary level of intelligence and cooperation. They gather in a group of around six to twelve individuals (unrelated, not family units). They dive in formation, each individual in the same position with every lunge. The lead whale dives first to find a shoal of herring. After it found them, it blows a net of bubbles around the fish. This temporary net is just thick and confusing enough that the herring stay inside and it lasts just long enough that the whales can take advantage of this. When the trap is in position, another whale swims underneath the shoal and vocalises really loudly, in a frequency that is almost unbearable for the herring. Like standing in front of the loudspeakers at a concert. Other whales herd the fish with their fins and bodies. The fish panic and swim the only way they can, towards the surface. When everything is in place, all the whales dive together, then surface inside the circle of the bubblenet with their mouths widely open, taking as many herring as they can. It's fascinating and humbling to witness this, because it's all learned behaviour. What's more, it's also tool use. Culture. Division of tasks. Up until recently these were only associated with one other species. Humans.

During my travels and volunteering trips I had the chance to experience some of the wildest and most beautiful places on Earth. Now that I have everything in place to offer my maps as wall art, I thought you might also enjoy some photos I took during these past few years. Whether it's humpback whales and brown bears feeding on herring and salmon in Alaska or the awe-inspiring landscapes and aurora filled night skies of Arctic Norway, I hope you'll find something you like. - Robert

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