Collaboration with Svaha: our World map on a dress

This project started in spring, when Jaya, the founder of Svaha contacted us to see if we'd be interested in a collaboration. After reading about their exciting and important work, we said yes without hesitation.

It turned out Svaha is not your ordinary clothing shop: their mission is to show the world that women can love (and be successful in) STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math - and stay feminine at the same time. They are encouraging children to like whatever they want, by making girls' clothing and T-shirts for Math-lovers, little astronomers or Biology nerds. They want to prove that STEAM concepts are accessible to anyone and they empower people to embrace their passions. Their clothes are colourful, look super cool, and they are also comfortable to wear - and all the dresses come with pockets! (Is there anything more awesome than pockets on dresses?)

The dress featuring our river basin map of the world also has them :) and it's finally available in Svaha's webshop!
Collaboration with Svaha: a Grasshopper Geography world map on a dress

Remember: nerdy women can be feminine too, and girls can grow up to become astronauts!

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