HELP us visit our map in France & get a chance to WIN a print

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There is an exhibition opening in Lyon (France) on 21 October, featuring our global river map. It will be one of the centerpieces of the exhibition at 4.5 meters high!

We'd like to visit our work in person, as we have never seen any of our maps in an exhibition, even though there are many museums and temporary exhibits around the world where our maps are, or were on display somewhere in the past. Simply because we could never afford to go. This map is the second largest one ever printed and we are really excited about the whole experience. France is pretty close to Hungary, so we thought this might be doable, but we need your help.

With a small donation (a price of a cup of coffee, if you like) you can help us go to France, and you also get the chance to win one of our map prints (A3 size). 3 people will be picked, using a random generator, who will be able to choose a map from a small selection of prints.

Link to our donation page (Paypal and all types of credit cards accepted):

We would appreciate any help, even the smallest amount takes us closer to our goal. If you don't have the means right now, we are equally thankful for all post shares.
Check our social media for updates and to see the winners!

Do you know someone who'd be happy to win a map print? Send them this blog post so they get a chance too!
Thank you so much,
Robert and Eszter of Grasshopper Geography

More info on the exhibition: Nous les Fleuves (We, the Rivers) in the Musée des Confluences

1 comment

  • Victor Sorban

    I had read about them long ago in a scientific mag but also had completely forgotten them.
    I’ve been in the Confluences Museum in Lyon last week and it was with quite joy that I saw your maps again.
    Here I am now on your week site (after a little google-ing) seeking for further Christmas gifts.
    Great job !
    Have you got, by any chance more “zoomed-in” productions ??
    I’m looking for map of France but i would fancy a more close-up sight of my living region (sourh-east)
    Best regards and my apologies for my terrible English :-D

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