Keynote speech at the EFGS 2021 Conference

In the spring of 2021, the European Forum for Geography and Statistics invited Robert to give a keynote speech at their annual conference. Organized by Germany, but this year held online 7-8. September, the conference was the 14th in a row and was attended by professionals from all over the world.

On our part, few arrangements were needed before the talk, including but not limited to: buying a microphone, rearranging the furniture, and asking the neighbours to stop hitting huge chunks of concrete with a pickaxe. All went well, so by 9 in the morning, we were all set:

Robert Szucs giving a keynote speech at the EFGS 2021 Conference - Behind the scenes

The speech was a great success, a bunch of questions and inquiries came in afterwards. The video is available for the public, so if you'd like to get to know Robert's earlier work or gather some background info on how his maps are made, check it out at their website. He was the first speaker, the speech starts right away at 2 minutes.

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