Our maps at the local café

Punjjorda, the local café and pub is the cultural hub of the extended area, many people come to our village to eat here or enjoy a concert with friends. The food they serve is also local, and most of it comes from sustainable farms or bought from independent fishermen. The owners put a lot of effort in growing their own vegetables and all kinds of leafy greens, so the salads can always be the freshest you can possibly get. They are also working on scaling up their vegetable garden: they bought a small, long-abandoned farm just outside the village, where conditions are perfect for permaculture gardening.

Grasshopper Geography's custom river basins of Nordland county hanging in a boheme café interior. There is an atique sofa below the map and huge windows with tick blue curtains.

When they showed us around the property we started talking about regenerative methods and sustainable farming - topics where river basins play a key role. That's when they asked if Robert would make a map for them that they can display in the café. Now the river basins of Nordland county is hanging at the center of attention, and the forest cover map of the Arctic by the front door.
Grasshopper Geography's tree cover map of the Arctic printed on canvas - hanging by a brown double door with some posters on it. There is a shelf on the other side of the door with some plants and psice lists.
We've been planning to introduce more options besides fine art prints in our Map Shop, so we decided to order both maps from our own printing partner. We also ordered samples of other images, so we can compare the colours and the printing quality of different sizes on different materials. The test prints turned out fine, we were really happy with most paper prints and the one that came with a hanger. Hopefully we can move forward in this direction before the end of the year.

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