Why are watersheds so important?

This video by Andew Millison should be a must-watch for everyone who finds our river basin maps interesting. With the help of a virtual reality sandbox and our maps, he talks about the importance of watersheds, and how they affect our everyday lives.

Andrew is a permaculture instructor and practitioner, and teaches at the Horticulture Department of Oregon State University. On his YouTube channel he covers the important topics of rainwater harvesting, recycling wastewater, rescuing farmlands, and basically all things that help us work with nature to create a sustainable lifestyle.
It's always a humbling experience to receive emails from people who dedicate their lives to protecting the environment. It was the same with Andrew: he saw our maps on social media and asked for permission to use some of them in his video. We gladly said yes and sent him what he asked for. When he emailed us again with the video itself, we were even happier to see how informative and engaging it turned out to be. We also decided to share the video on our website, as it fits perfectly with our glossary.

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