World's first ocean drainage basin maps showing all the rivers

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With the biggest sigh of relief possible, we are very happy to announce that our second big project of the year is finished. We overcame the dozens of problems and obstacles thrown at us, so our new map style is finally official and available in the MapShop. Let us present to you: The Ocean Drainage Basin Maps.
But what is an ocean drainage basin map, I hear most of you asking? A couple of years ago I tried to find a map that shows in which ocean does each of the world's rivers end up. I was a bit surprised to see there is no map like that, so I just decided I'll make it myself - as usual. Well, after realizing all the technical difficulties, I wasn't so surprised any more that it didn't exist. :)
There were long periods where I was too busy to work on this, but it was always bugging me and I kept going back to it. So after hundreds of hours of planning, data editing and mapmaking, I can finally show you what I truly believe is the world's first ocean drainage basin map showing every single river, colour coded by their final destination.
Ocean drainage basin map of the world by Grasshopper Geography, showing all temporary and permanent water flows in the world, colour-coded according to the ocean they end up in.
(If you do know about a map like this, please let me know so I can take it back!)
On top of the global map I've created a set of 43 maps for different countries, states and continents:
And even maps for the individual oceans:
Drainage basin map of the Arctic Ocean, blue coloured lines showing all rivers and temporary water flows that end up there.
Most maps have the following versions, and all their possible combinations available:
- Maps with only a title,
- maps with a legend included,
- and even maps which have the different oceans coloured as well.
- All of them on a black or white background, as usual.
Here's an example of a white background with coloured oceans (aka polygons). The ocean drainage basin map of North America:
Ocean drainage basin map of North America by Grasshopper Geography, showing all temporary and permanent water flows in North America, colour-coded according to the ocean they end up in.
And here's the ocean drainage basin map of the contiguous United States on a white background, with white oceans:
Ocean drainage basin map of the United States by Grasshopper Geography, showing all temporary and permanent water flows in the contiguous United States, colour-coded according to the ocean they end up in.
I'm on the record saying many times that I like to create maps that speak for themselves, without any text, but I felt like with this subject we just reached a level of complexity that absolutely needs at least a title, but most probably even a legend. I still believe these maps are pretty and pieces of art on their own, but who would want to buy them if nobody understands what they show, right? And unlike for the river basin maps, it was also possible to create a legend, as these new maps only have a handful of different colours.
Wall art for everyone
Along with the new map style we are also introducing a new print material, and two ready-to-hang options. The matte fine art paper will stay, but now you also have the chance to buy the maps on a lustre photo paper. For the fine art paper, there's now an option to buy them framed, or with a magnetic hanger, making them ready for gifting. There are plans for more printing materials, but  because of those aforementioned obstacles, well, let's just aim for sometime next year.
I really hope you like these new maps. It was quite a long time ago that it was possible for me to come out with a new map style, so this is a very proud moment. And if you do like them, please share them with your friends and family, so they can also make someone happy. Our maps tend to spark curiosity and they serve as a great conversation starters, inviting viewers to raise questions about our natural environment - so they are prefect for sharing on social media as well. Click here to see and share our facebook post about the new maps.
Thank you for being awesome, and please share your feedback with us, we can only do better, if we know our flaws, right? 🙂 You can let us know your thoughts here in the comments, as a public review, or through our contact form that lands in our inbox.

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  • Copasetic

    Amazing work. Truly beautiful maps that enrich our understanding and appreciation of this magical and complex world. Thank you

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